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Priya opened her concert with Thodi and later with the Nom Tom Alap, she painted the raga on a wide canvas, colourfully. The raga received appealing airing in both vilambit and drut and took on a majestic gait and grandeur in Tharana.” – Mysore V Subramanya, Deccan Herald


“Priya Purushothaman is a vocalist with many voices. At times, during her performance on a recent evening at the Bangalore International Centre, her voice was syrup-sweet on the sustained notes. At others, it took on a husky, breathy quality, well-suited to the lower registers of the monsoon ragas she selected. But the single standout quality of her music is perhaps best put in one word: composure.” – Neha Mujumdar, The Hindu

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“Priya Purushothaman was the freshest discovery of these concerts. In her classical concert at the IIC Annexe Auditorium, the very first thing that attracted our attention was her trained and tuneful voice, which held her audience spellbound for the entire duration of her admirable concert…She expounded the characteristics of the two constituents – Puriya and Kalyan –with such composure that the rendering was seamless. The ease and facility with which she sang the raga, with a gradual badhat that compromised nothing of the grammar, belied her young age…The emergence of such tuneful phenomena as Priya Purushothaman reassures us about the next generation of classical vocalists.” – Manjari Sinha, Jansatta, Delhi

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“Purushothaman captivated the audience with her combination of skills, aesthetics, emotions, and expression and her choice of rare raagas was praised by classical musical aficionados. Many in the audience applauded her versatility as an artist and the ease with which she moved between styles.” – Sam Rao, Indian Express, North American Edition

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Coverage of “Living Music: Conversations With Pandit Dinkar Kaikini”

“With great curiosity, I started to read the book. And in a few moments, I was completely carried off by the stream of wholesome ideas and experiences that were latent in the covers of that book. It was only after finishing the last page that I found my feet and came to my senses again…This book, published by Popular Prakashan is not just a book; it is a joyous journey, a replete experience.” – Nilesh Mohrir, Navshakti, Mumbai

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“It is an excellent portrayal of Pt. Kaikini’s rich musical persona…And, although Priya is very young, her style is a beautiful blend of sensitivity, maturity, and respectful affection for her Grandfather-Guru. Priya Purushothaman has created a marvellous potpourri, artfully and seamlessly blending the biographical details of the protagonist, some explication of his musical ideas, and an evaluation of the impact of the musical corpus he has created and left behind.” - Amarendra Dhaneshwar, Loksatta, Mumbai

Please click here for full review in Marathi, and here for the English translation, courtesy of Ramesh Gangolli.