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Excerpts from Guru Purnima Performance

Raag Nand, vilambit

Tabla, Sri Sagar Bharathraj

Harmonium, Sri Vyasmurti Katti




Excerpt from Guru Purnima concert for Sri Yogesh Samsi, Mumbai

Full Concert, Kalakshetra, Chennai

Organized by The ArTery

Kajri, Raag Mishra Pilu

Raag Miyan Malhar Part 1

Raag Miyan Malhar Part 2

A few months back I had to do a professional video recording of a live performance for an audition application. It was interesting and challenging to do this in a regular recording studio rather than a concert hall – the challenging part being that none of us could wear headphones as you would in a normal audio recording. In the dead space of a recording studio, even though we were all sitting right next to each other, the sound was hard to gauge and we couldn’t hear each other as well as we would in a normal scenario. The audio engineers initially suggested that we do an audio recording first with headphones and do a video recording afterwards, lip-synching! That would have been quite hilarious, but we explained that this was absolutely impossible in this style of music since it’s completely improvised. All in all, a learning experience!